Psychopathic Thoughts

Or should I say manufactured genocide
The goal being to victimize the victimized
Through terror warnings and homicides
Ladies and gents we’ve been deprived
They call this the land of the free
And the home of the brave
Well tell me how in the hell I can be free?
When debt shackles grip my ankles
Like former inmates on house arrest
Alerting the law the instant
I attempt to reach my American dream
Knowing that options are limited
For those of us with a paper trail
We fail to acknowledge the damage done
By that backwood as we inhale
And like that honey badger
That had to plummet to purgatory
Before he could reach
His E true Hollywood story
I too felt that bullet in the sternum
With no gun
All guts
And no glory
So you tell me
How in the hell can we be brave?
When the minds of our Soldiers
Are entrapped and enslaved
By a system that has done nothing
But degrade and objectify our women
Scrutinize and demonize our men
While media pollutes the minds
Of our fatherless youth
Using athletes
And gangsta rappers as substitutes
Iconic actresses depicted as prostitutes
Offering awards and accolades
They they disguise
As some form of retribution
See we’ve all been Sanduskied
But we can’t see the child abuse
That our youth suffer through
Cause that pill poppin’ animal
Spits rhymes for our minds
That does nothing but subconsciously convolutes
See my psychopathic thoughts
Are similar to leaders such as
Fidel, Huey & Malcolm
2Pac, King, Mandela and then some
Cause no matter the outcome
I speak for the people
Who are victimized by those
Who are authorized to use a handgun
Fuck what you saying son
I be that nigga
Born and raised in the streets of SE DC
So I’ve seen the damage done
By the pulling of that trigger
It goes like this
Dead body, dead body
Crack epidemic, dead body
Stepping over little Johnny
On my way to school
And make sure you keep silent
Even though
Everyone in the hood knows who shot him
I’m just a decade into this world
I don’t want to be forgotten
So as I did then
Like I do now
I practice my silent tongue
My listening ear
And faithful heart
Until a day where I may impart these words
To an audience
That will truly understand
My psychopathic thoughts


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